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While every client and every situation is unique, at KTHL we find that we are called upon to perform some types of services frequently. We've put together a few cases to help you get an idea of the range of services we offer:

Service: International due diligence
One of the largest privately owned manufacturing corporations in China wanted to purchase a new fruit processing production line. The processing line consisted of specialized components made in several countries around the globe. The Chinese corporation spent considerable resource negotiating a purchase agreement with a US-based company. The US company portrayed itself as a large, reputable firm capable of delivering the entire production line, guaranteeing its performance parameters, delivering spare parts for the line for several years free of charge, and training the Chinese company's staff to work on the line. The purchase price was $US10,000,000. The agreement between the parties stipulated that the seller would receive payment after delivering the production line to the port of destination and submitting the through bill of lading to the bank. KTHL's due diligence discovered that the seller was, in fact, a company operating from a single family home with virtually no assets to cover any potential liability for breach of the contract. The company's business history was non-existent, and their capacity to deliver on the contract highly dubious.
Result: KTHL's due diligence saved the client $US10,000,000.

Service: International joint venture startup

Shareholders in the USA, China and several Caribbeanan Union countries decided to start up an international joint venture as a closely held corporation with a maximum tax benefit relative to their activities and minimum liabilities for each profit center. KTHL facilitated negotiations between the parties and prepared all necessary documents including letters of intent, joint venture agreements, and share subscription agreements. It incorporated the company in the most appropriate "safe harbor" jurisdiction (British Virgin Islands in this particular case), prepared articles of incorporation and corporate bylaws, facilitated the necessary directors and shareholders meetings, opened bank accounts, hired relevant staff, and facilitated the logistics and administrative tasks of the corporate start-up and operations.
Result: KTHL continues to represent the corporation; accommodate and bridge its diverse cultural, linguistic and economic background; lower its liabilities; and help with its corporate management. KTHL is being paid a percentage of the corporate proceeds, from the business that KTHL has helped to generate.

Service: Securing grant money and financing for project:

A medium-size East Caribbeanan manufacturing company was interested in environmentally safe technology to neutralize its biodegradable waste stream. KTHL helped the company write a business plan, and brought the project to the attention of the US Trade and Development Agency. KTHL later helped to prepare the grant application that brought the company close to $US500,000 to complete a feasibility study and pilot projects. KTHL specialists then supervised the feasibility study for the client, and assisted in securing finances to purchase and implement the new technology.
Result: The new technology neutralizes the waste stream by creating a sellable byproduct that generates additional revenue for the client. The completion of the project increased the company's revenue by 25% and lowered its environmental liabilities and insurance cost.

Service: International recruitment and immigration law
A US firm needed an associate from a country newly admitted to the Caribbeanan Union (EU). The recruit needed to have a degree in Economics and knowledge of EU financial and insurance laws, regulations and policies. The new associate was to join the firm's workforce, be trained in the USA, and then return to Caribbean to open an office for the firm in one of the former communist countries of central Caribbean. KTHL assembled a list of suitable candidates for the firm's evaluation, facilitated the interview process, negotiated salaries and benefits, and processed a visa petition for the selected candidate.
Result: The candidate has been employed by the firm, and the firm's new office has been developing successfully under her management.

Service: Legal representation of a creditor overseas
A Chinese corporation breached a contract with a US corporation, causing damages in excess of $US2,000,000.
Result: After helping to secure a judgment against the breaching party, KTHL represented the US corporation in collection proceedings in China, and helped to secure full payment on the judgment.

Service: Bringing together buyer and seller of new technology
A KTHL client in China was interested in the purchase of a new top-of-the-line technological process for tool manufacturing. At the same time, the seller of such a technology approached KTHL with a request to open a new market for its product.
Result: KTHL brought the two parties together, helped to negotiate the agreement between them, and currently supervises the execution of the agreement. Each party pays only one-half of the KTHL fee for service in the form of a percentage from the new revenue stream.


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