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You might have read: "for legal, commercial, and general transactional representation", "worldwide", "one-stop shop". You might be putting all that together in your mind and wondering how we can claim to have such global capability, and how, if we do, you or your business could ever afford us. Rest easy; we're on your side: literally.

We carry the risk. We work for you on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we collect nothing until we achieve a result for you. This puts us squarely on the same side as you in the negotiation!

Seamless service. From alpha to omega, from origin to destination, we do the organizing and coordinating; we put the transaction together. We are the hub of the wheel, and the spokes are our worldwide network of associate services. Each component of your transaction passes through KTHL for inspection before passing on to the next stage. We are in charge, so you don't need to worry about gaps and overlaps.

We make it easy. With KTHL, you have one point of contact, one party responsible for making it happen for you, and only one language to contend with: the language in which you speak to us.

Streamlined billing services. In the course of your transaction, we might have had to organize and pay for a variety of services, but you pay only a single bill.

Offices around the world. KTHL offices worldwide are maintained by HQ/Regus. That means that, whenever you are ready to schedule a meeting, we can assign the right professional to the venue and country of your choosing. Click here to schedule a meeting with us.

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