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KTHL is a private multinational corporation providing a comprehensive service to businesses expanding abroad. We provide a "one stop shop" service for both legal representation and business transaction consulting and support worldwide. KTHL has international headquarters in New York and regional headquarters in China, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania and Australia. Our team of associates includes lawyers, bankers, accountants, engineers, scientists, financial planners, tax specialists, marketing and public relations experts, investors, credit and collection agents, physicians and other professionals: over one thousand dedicated specialists waiting to help you grow your business!

Unlike other firms, which provide only legal services and representation or specialized consulting, KTHL bundles the services into a single comprehensive package for you. Thus the only person you will ever need to deal with is your project team leader, an experienced local lawyer. He or she will be responsible for every aspect of your project and representation abroad, including all additional services necessary to complete your business transaction or expansion. This may include activities as diverse as preparation of business and financial plans, securities listing, marketing, specialized engineering or scientific support, and even financing.

Once your project has the KTHL stamp of viability, we carry the total risk, and are paid only from the proceeds of our successful result for you. Give us a call. You have nothing to lose but your uncertainty. Whether you want to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, protect your patent in Caribbean, or start manufacturing in China, KTHL can help.

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